Can Ceramic Tile Be Used In A Shower?

The bathroom is a space in your that you won’t see clean and is free from any germ. Mainly, two types of tiles are widely used in the shower ceramic and porcelain. Both of these tiles have their benefits, drawbacks and qualities. But here, we will only go for the ceramic tiles and whether either it is a good choice for your bathroom or not.

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Why Are The Tiles Used?

Primarily people install the tiles in their bathroom and kitchen to make these locations clean and free from any dirt. Moreover, the tiles can make your bathroom beautiful, and you feel relaxed while taking a shower; otherwise, the simple walls not furnished by tiles can irritate you.

Ceramic tiles have become standard for the shower for many reasons, like their durability, availability and price. When you have tiles in your bathroom, you can easily touch your body with the walls without facing any difficulty or irritation.

Is The Ceramic Tile A Good Choice for Shower?

Yes, ceramic tiles are always a good choice whether you need to install them in your kitchen or bathroom. We always feel happy if the toilet is clean and fully furnished because if your bathroom leaves a foul smell due to the moisture and the corrosion on the walls, you feel uncomfortable, which can destroy your mood. That’s why most people manufacture their bathroom so beautifully because they say that a clean place to shower makes their day excellent and happy.

Why Ceramic Tiles Are Good

There are many reasons that most people prefer ceramic tiles over other tiles; even if you ask any construction expert manager, he will choose you to install the ceramic tiles. Here are a few reasons we will define why ceramic tiles are the best.


Most people want to make their bathroom excellent and clean by installing good tiles and buying suitable instruments for their showers, like a good bathing tub and other things. But they face the financial issue because these things are costly, and everyone cannot afford them. So the ceramic tiles are affordable and available in a different price range; you can always select the design and quality of the ceramic tiles according to your budget.


The good thing about ceramic tiles is that they are available in a variety of designs and different sizes. You can always get ceramic tiles for every size of the bathroom, like if you have a large or small bathroom; all sizes of tiles are readily available.

Mostly there are two sizes of tiles available in the market; one is foot by foot, and they are available in the square form of one foot. Otherwise, some ceramic tiles are also available with a considerable and very short width. People select tiles according to their interests and the size of their bathroom.

Elegant Styles and Colors

The ceramic tiles are available in different colors and styles, as people don’t have the same choice of colors. So the manufacturer companies make the tiles in different colors and styles, and many people match the tiles with the paint rest of the building and the ceiling. You can also buy the complete bathroom setup, including the tiles and other steel materials necessary for a shower.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Ceramic tiles are highly durable, which means that you can use your tiles for a long time. Another essential benefit of ceramic tiles is their meagre maintenance costs; you can easily clean your tiles using a detergent or an excellent soap. If one or two tiles get cracked, then you can also easily replace them with new tiles without damaging other tiles.

Moisture Resistance

Other than beauty, quality, price and color, moisture resistance is also essential to check before selecting tiles for your bathroom. If a tile shows strong resistance against water, it can be lost for a long time because when your walls are safe from moisture, they will be vital.

While taking a shower, the water drops on the walls, and if the walls are non-resistance, then the paint of the wall will be badly dangerous, and the wall will also lose its strength.

Cons of Ceramic Tiles

The ceramic tiles also have some sons that you need to keep in your mind before installing them in your kitchen or bathroom, and this will also help you to use the tiles for a long time.

Easy to crack

The ceramic tiles are easy to crack before installation, so these tiles require proper care before sealing to your bathroom. But once you install them in your bathroom, they become more vital and challenging to break but don’t need to apply heavy force with the hammer or another heavy instrument.

No Slip resistant

While taking a shower in your bathroom that you sealed with ceramic tiles, you need to stand attentive, as some of the ceramic tiles do not slip resistant, so you can fall off due to the soap you applied to your skin.


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The ceramic tiles seal concrete walls to make them attractive, beautiful and free from germs. The best thing about using ceramic tile is that they free your bathroom from moisture, corrosion and smell. You can easily buy ceramic tiles in different colors, styles and sizes according to your bathroom.