What Is the Shower Panel System- Things You Should Know

Every bathroom has a shower panel system, so you can easily take a bath and enjoy your shower. A simple shower panel system consists of a long column that is fixed with the shower, and both of these are connected to the rough pipes you have already installed in your bathroom. Now there are different types of showers available in other variations; also, thermostatic means that now you can set the temperature for your water so that you can take your shower with the water you want.

In simple words, we can also say that a shower panel system is an advanced form of shower that you can install in your bathroom for a luxury experience by only spending a little cost. We know that technology is changing the world altogether, so it is possible that bathroom appliances are not updated.

We all have seen the simple shower that only has a pipe and a shower. Still, the latest shower panel system has too many features, like controlling the amount of water and how it falls on your body and setting the ideal temperature according to the season and your health.

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Why Shower Panel Is Important

All people want to take a healthy shower every morning as they need to take off to their work, offices, or schools, so a proper and good working shower can change the mood and make their day. We know that due to the different seasons, like in winter, everyone wants to shower with warm water, and in the summer season, cool water is preferred, so now all these things are available in just a single shower panel system.

Many people think that before this, they have only heard about the shower; now that day is gone, the shower is only a pipe and a little square box that provides your water like the rain. But now this facility is available in different modes, like in the shower panel system, you can also change the direction of water, amount of water, and many other features.

Now the people want to make their house beautiful, especially these places, like bathrooms and kitchen as they have to spend a lot of time to these places. So they install good instruments in their bathroom for their convenience.

You will be surprised to know that different types of instruments are available in the shower panel system, like a head shower, also known as a standard or rain shower, and a hand shower that you can use for any part of your body by holding the shower pipe into your hand. Even some shower panel system provides a bathtub with a hand shower.

Advantages of the Shower Panel System

Easy Installation

A shower panel system is straightforward and quick to install, you don’t need the extra pipes, and the shower panel will be easily connected to the existing lines. There is no need to break anything that you have previously installed.

Available In All Sizes

The best thing about the shower panel system is that they are available in different size, so you don’t need to worry about the size of your bathroom; tell them your bathroom size and gets an ideal shower panel for your bathroom.

Durable and Affordable

The shower panels are available in different varieties; you can easily buy them according to your interest and budget. The shower panels are less costly than the shower systems; even you can buy the shower panel cheap when you buy a single unit.

Water Efficient

The shower panels are installed to the single shower pipe, so they consume less water and make you bill low. The water heater can also quickly warm the water due to the low amount of water.


The good thing about the shower panel system is that they are available in various sizes and types. You can buy any kind according to your bathroom size and budget. Some panels are expensive; maybe you have seen them in commercial buildings, but they are also available in the average range.

Disadvantages of the Shower Panel System

Less Water

We know that the shower panel is electricity friendly and consumes very little water, but this can be a problem for many people. If you are in a hurry and want to take a bath with so much water, then the shower panel is not for you; it only provides you with little water.

Limited Coverage

The shower panel is attached to the pipe, so it covers only one wall, and you can take a bath from that specific wall. So the shower panel covers only one side of your bathroom, which many people do not like.

They Stand Out

There are many benefits of installing shower panels as they are available in different attractive designs, but that is also a drawback. The shower panels are made from high-quality stainless steel, so you must pay a high cost to get an attractive panel.


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A shower panel system is an advanced form of simple showers you install in your bathroom, but now you can avail yourself of all the new things. This panel will allow you to change the water capacity and many other features you cannot see in a simple shower. No doubt that the shower panel system is costly compared to the simple shower, but on the other, you can also avail many mind-blowing features, even setting the temperature of the water.