What Size Water Heater Do I Need For a Soaker Tub?

A water heater is essential for taking a bath in the soaker bathtub, especially if you live in cold areas or areas with shallow temperatures. There are some areas in the world where the water temperature is not suitable for taking a bath, so you need a water heater according to the size of your bathtub.

Here in this article, we will mention the best size of water heater for your soaker bathtub, different types of water heaters are available on the market. Still, it would help if you bought suitable and efficient work for you.

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Perfect Water Heater for Your Soaker Tub

We know that the soaker tub is more profound and extended compared to the standard bathtubs in our bathroom. A soaker bathtub can hold 250 gallons of water; to provide heat for this water, we need a large water heater.

Different types of water heaters are available on the market, so you have to choose them wisely by keeping in mind your needs and budgets like the tankless water heater, gas heater, and other types.

GPM is the unit to define the size of the water heaters you can use in your bathrooms, so here you have the choice to select the water heaters according to the bathtub you have in your bathroom. Most water heaters are 10 GPM, enough to provide heat to the water so that you can easily take your bath without facing any difficulties with warm water.

Why Do You Need A Water Heater For The Soaker Bathtub?

Many regions in the world mostly have the cold season all year, so taking a bath with cold water is harmful to them as it can cause fever, cold, flow, cough, and other diseases. That’s why they use the water heater to boil the water, for use in their daily routine, like washing the utensils, and especially in the bathroom.

That’s why the water heater is an essential gadget to warm the water for taking a bath. Many people are confused about the size of the water heater, so an average water heater is suitable for the soaker bathtub.

Which Water Heater Is Good?

Different companies and well-known brands manufacture water heaters, so you can easily buy them according to your need and budget. Electric water heaters are also available that are considered better than gas water heaters; plug them in the switch and turn on the current. After some time you can easily use the water to take a bath or wash clothes.

The important thing while buying a water heater is to always keep in mind your needs, like the amount of water you want to warm using the water heater. It will help you to choose the best water heater for your bathroom. 

What Is The Best Size For My Bathtub?

We know that the soaker bath tubs are available in different sizes; the Japanese soaker tub is small, and other soaker tubs are deeper and longer; always check the size of the soaker tub and then select the water heater, like 7 to 10 GPM or as you want. The soaker tub can hold water above 100 gallons, so you need to buy a water heater that can quickly warm 100-plus gallons of water, consuming less electricity.


Is a water heater necessary for the soaker tub?

In many regions, the temperature downs very low, and it is impossible to use the low-temperature water for domestic use, especially when you need to take a bath. The water heater can warm your water to average temperature, so you can easily take a bath in the soaker bathtub.

Are the water heaters available in different sizes?

Yes, the water heaters are available in different sizes, according to the need of the customers, as people have water tanks in different sizes, so companies manufacture in different sizes.

How do you water hot in a soaker tub?

Advanced soaker tubs can make your water hot, as they have different functions to set the ideal temperature. But you can also use the water heater for this purpose, as they are also available in different sizes.

Do soaker tubs stay warm?

There are different soaker water tubs; the heated soaker tubs will make your water hot for a long time compared to the simple bathtub.

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The water heater is used to warm the water for domestic purposes; you can use it for a bath, especially if you have a soaker tub in your bathroom. The water heaters are available in different sizes, so that you can choose according to the size and the water capacity of the soaker bathtub.