What is a Dual Flush Toilet?

As technology is progressing day by day, the dual flush toilet is a fantastic invention in washrooms. What is a dual flush toilet? The dual flush toilets are designed to not only provide you ease but also save 40% of water. Isn’t it cool? 

There are two buttons on the dual flush toilet to flush the waste. One button is effective for liquid waste and uses less water. The other one is for solid waste such as paper or tissue. It requires a little bit more water to flush the waste. For further details, keep reading! 

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Working Process of Dual Flush Toilet 

The dual flush operating process is made up of three major components, which are described below:

  1. Push Button
  2. Lever
  3. Tipping Bucket

Push Button

The dual flush toilet is different from other common-type flushes. It is because it has the push button. Thus, pressure is used by the dual flush mechanism to remove toilet waste.

Compared to other toilets, a dual flush utilizes less water. There are no diverters and pipes in the dual flush system. And that is the reason it uses less water to flush the toilet. 

While most flushes have one lever but this one has two. One lever can supply six liters of water, the second button can transmit three liters. One button on the toilet helps to remove liquid waste, and another is made to clear away waste. Also, it has a 10 cm long pipe to dispense water more quickly.


As some toilets have used handles, dual flush toilets use buttons/levers. You can press the buttons to regulate the full, half, and after draining actions.

Tipping Bucket

The dual flush system can be used with a dumping tray when it is half opened.

How to Use a Dual Flush Toilet?

The use of dual flush toilets is very quick and simple. As compared to other flushes, the dual-flush system allows you to push the lever upwards for liquid waste and downwards for solid waste. 

The dual flush system is designed to flush the liquid waste in one container and solid waste in the other separate container. 

So, are you thinking of purchasing a dual flush toilet? Here are some tips on how a dual flush toilet operates if you want to use it.

  • First of all, the type of waste whether it is liquid or solid will be based on the sort of disposal you use. You must use a half-gallon flushing for liquids only and a full 1-gallon flush for solid waste when flushing.
  • When buying a dual flush toilet, it is necessary to determine the space you have in your washroom. You will consider the space according to the reservoir capacities as one is 3 inches and the other one is 4 inches.
  • If you are unsure which dimension you must acquire, you can check the space around your toilet. According to the space, you can select the model of the toilet for your washroom.

Advantages of Dual Flush Toilet 

Following are the advantages of dual flush toilets;

  • The dual flush toilet is a smart choice for individuals who want to save water in their houses. With this innovative technology, you could decrease the use of water from a normal 4-5 gallon per flush toilet to 1.1 gallons. So, you can consume just 1.1 gallons instead!
  • Dual flush toilets are a fantastic method to increase the effectiveness of your home. These products are available for the majority of the latest toilet varieties. But if you want to fix a flush toilet in your washroom, you will require help from an expert plumber.
  • With dual flush toilets, you can use two significant bowl styles and they both have many advantages. For instance, you can choose from circular or rectangular styles. It will help to ensure that no matter how large your flush toilet is, it will always fit according to your washroom.

Disadvantages of Dual Flush Toilet

Below are some disadvantages of dual flush toilets:

  • The first drawback of a dual flush toilet is that you will have to purchase both flushes. It is essential to optimize its benefits and save money. If you select one, it will enhance your total bill due to the higher wastage of water. 
  • The second drawback is that the dual flush toilet requires extra maintenance as compared to regular cleaning services. In this way, it will require more cost than you will expect.
  • Due to their extensive maintenance issues, dual flush toilets are known for being both trendy and ineffective. A dual flush toilet that provides pressure difference also sacrifices sanitation. It is because they need to be cleaned more frequently than single-flushed types.

Is Dual Flush Toilet Good for me?

Dual flush toilets can be challenging for many householders to use. Although it only requires pushing the appropriate button and choosing the perfect flush, you will find trouble using them. 

They can be pricey and because of the less water movement, they need to clean more frequently. In this way, they accumulate dust and debris more quickly. Thus, having a dual flush toilet is a simple solution to save water and lower water expenses.

Also, it is the best approach for households to have more environment-friendly approach.

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After reading this post, you will come to know “what is a dual flush toilet”. When flushing waste waters, the first button uses less water, but the second lever releases more water. The modern dual flush toilet is an ideal option to reduce the cost of your yearly water bill.

But the dual flush toilets are commonly used in new and large buildings. If you liked this washroom invention then get this amazing dual flush toilet fixed in your bathroom today.

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