What To Do If Toilet Is Clogged

A blocked toilet can be very annoying, especially if several people are sharing one or two bathrooms in a house. This can also be embarrassing for you! In this situation, you might ask what to do if the toilet is clogged. 

Luckily, there are several methods that you can follow to clear the blockage. Also, in this article, I am going to deliver very useful unclogging techniques. If you properly apply them, these blocked toilet techniques will be very effective for fixing your toilet issues.

Let’s start discussing it briefly! 

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What to do if your toilet is clogged? 

You can follow the steps given below to unclog your blocked toilet: 

Do not Keep Flushing

Sometimes a blockage can be cleared with just one additional flush. When you flush the toilet more than one or two times, it improves the chance of the bathroom overflowing. You must try to flush it until the obstruction is clear.

Close The Toilet Flapper

You can shut the toilet inlet after raising the top of the toilet. After that, you must ensure that the toilet valve is tightly closed. In this way, you can guarantee that the toilet won’t overload. The toilet valve is what lets water drain from the basin to the drain pipe. 

You can even turn off the water supply to the bathroom for more safety and ease.

Add Sufficient Water

You will have to make sure that there’s sufficient water in the sink before dropping to have an accurate drop using a plunger. If not, you must add additional water to the basin of the tank. It will help to create some pressure, but only if the water flow is minimal. 

The additional benefit of adding boiled water is that it will successfully dissolve some of the oils that are causing the obstruction. That’s cool! 

Some people suggest that you can add significant amounts of dish soap or detergent to the toilet along with the plunger. It increases the chances of success to unclog a toilet.

Use a Plunger

You will have to make sure that the plunger’s opening wraps around the toilet tank’s outlet. For best outcomes, you must ensure to use the plunger strongly but safely. 

After that, you will have to start draining if the blockage starts to clear. But if the toilet messes up, be ready to pull the plunger back.

Call a Plumber

Now that you have tried all the methods of unclogging a toilet. If you are failed to unclog your blocked toilet after all the attempts, it is better to call a plumber. It is because there might be a major issue with your toilet drain. Also, the plumber can change your toilet and install the new toilet if that would be required.

How To Prevent The Toilet From Clogging? 

Have you ever thought about the reasons for toilet clogs? Do you know how toilet blockage can be avoided in the first place? It is good to take precautionary actions before you consider how to unblock a bathroom.  

Here’s how to avoid clogged toilets; 

1. Carefully flush the Toilet Bowl 

Small stones, dirt, and other debris can be present in dirty water and can block your bathroom. So that you carefully consider what you should push down the toilet.

You should never wash anything down the drain waste that is not part of the body or toilet tissue. Are you sharing your washroom with others? Then you must make a list of items that shouldn’t be thrown in the toilet and paste it there.

This will help you to keep your washroom safe from unusual blockages even when you are not at home. This plan also reduces stress related to how to unblock a toilet when nothing else works.

2. Use a Double Flush More Often

It will get worse when waste and toilet tissue mix in the basin, and you can’t unblock the bathroom on your own. To efficiently drain them down the toilet sink, you will need to have a lot of water. 

Water will help to flow the waste towards the base of the sink. In this way, the technique is easy and precise to use. It is the best approach to clean your bathroom in steps. 

For instance, before inserting the toilet tissue, the waste should be flushed down first. This helps to prevent problems where you can’t clear a clogged toilet using conventional methods. After placing the tissue in the basin, you should flush it two or three times.

3. Clear The Toilet Tank 

Toilet basins are made for additional storage for items like dish soap, toothbrushes, and tissue paper. Even though it is simple, this is a bad idea because these objects could quickly fall into the drain pipe. After that, they can block the drain. 

Some of these objects may be difficult to remove from the toilet tank once they get there and cause a major blockage. For this reason, it is advised that you maintain a clean and clear toilet basin.

4. Trace the Growth of Tree Roots

When tree branches interfere with the main sewage systems, toilet blockages can happen. This can be problematic because the type of clog will prevent you to unblock the toilet.

Tree roots that are grown close to your home’s drainage system can get into the pipes and obstruct them. In this way, they can cause blocked toilets within your home. Additionally, they can severely degrade or shatter pipelines.

So, you would have to contact a qualified plumber for assistance with unclogging.

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This article is mainly written to provide you with ample information about what to do if the toilet is clogged. This is the most common issue that can occur in any washroom if you ignore the precautions. 

Before calling the plumber, you can use all the suggestions and solutions given in this blog post. Also, you must go for the method that is most affordable and easy before moving on to the difficult ones.

If you have liked my techniques then share your experience with me via your feedback!