How To Unclog A Toilet Fast?

There are many different causes of toilet clogs such as hair, hard water, and tissue paper. Also, there are many solutions available to fix the issue of clogging.  You can quickly get your toilet back in working order with the aid of necessary supplies. 

But it is essential to apply the right technique to clear properly the clog and to avoid any kind of risk. Have you tried all the hacks to unclog the toilet blockage? So, when nothing helps then how to unclog a toilet fast? Below are the best ideas to clear the blockage quickly.

So, let’s start it without further ado! 

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Why does the Toilet Keep Clogging? 

Your toilet can be clogged for several reasons. So, you must consider possible causes that could help you avoid toilet blockages in the future.

The most frequent causes of toilet blockages are listed below:

  • Inappropriate Toilet Paper 
  • Something Stuck 
  • The Tank is not holding enough water 
  • Venting Problems 
  • Poor Quality Toilets 
  • Use of Hard Water 

How to Unclog A Toilet Fast? 

Let’s learn about how to unclog a toilet when nothing else works. There are a few things to consider before giving up and calling a plumber or using toxic materials.

Using Wet or Dry Vacuum

You can clear your bathroom clog if you have a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Although it is not an attractive approach, it is among the most effective methods to unblock a toilet. 

First of all, you should wear protective gloves on your hands. Then vacuum the extra water with a cleaner. It will assist in removing organic trash and small particles. After that, put the line deeper into a hole after the basin is clear. 

When you get resistance, you should pause as this indicates you have located the blockage in the bathroom. 

Set the vacuum to its top rack and start suctioning the obstruction. Now check the toilet to determine if the water is flowing normally once the clog has been removed.

Dishwashing Soap and Hot Water 

Dish soap works miracles in removing oil, grime, and organic debris. Washing soap and warm, but not boiling water is required for this.

First, you will pour a small amount of dish soap into the basin. After that, one gallon of heated water is added slowly to the sink. 

Now allow the liquid to remove the blockage for a few minutes before flushing the toilet.

If you observe that the water drains slowly, repeat the same procedure. But this time, give the dishwashing soap more time to do its job. To speed up the process, you can also use wet vacuuming at this stage.

Baking Soda and Vinegar 

A solution of baking soda and vinegar helps to eliminate the distilled water spots, mineral buildup, and other blockages. 

First of all, white vinegar and one cup of baking powder both should be placed in the toilet bowl. When these two elements combine, you will hear the searing noise. 

In the end, you can flush the toilet normally as before. You can repeat the procedure but use more vinegar and baking soda if you’re not satisfied with the outcome.

Wire Hanger

You must utilize an old wire hanger/hook if the plunger is not working. To unblock the toilet, you will need to release it and shape it into a usable pattern.

You will have to flatten the cable hanger’s one side and make a hook-like shape. To avoid the cable from damaging the bowl, it is preferable to fasten the old fabric to the wire’s ends.

Thus, dented bowls are challenging to wipe because dirt sticks to their uneven surfaces more. You can use rubber bands or masking tape to maintain the fabric in place.

  • You must wear gloves and plunge the wire hanger into the basin. 
  • You should dissolve as much of the hanger as you can into the drainage. 
  • Then, rotate it while using the front-back, left-right, and oscillating strokes. It will help in unclogging the clog. 
  • You must continue this until you see the water drain.

Make sure to clear any obstructions clogging the drain by pushing the wire hanger a little further.

Use a Snake Tool

A snake tool is piping equipment that is usable for both domestic consumers and commercial plumbers. It is a great idea to remove the toilet clogs at home. 

The snake tools have a structure that is comparable to a wire hanger. But they enable you to go closer to the drainage. The snake tool has a latex covering and is flexible to avoid damaging the bowl.

  • You must put your hand into the filthy water when using this procedure. Thus, you must wear protective gloves. 
  • Insert the item’s one side as deeply as possible into the toilet.
  • Press until you feel resistance, which indicates that you have found the blockage. 
  • Then, spin the grip continuously until you see that there is no restriction or blockage in the pipe. 

To make sure the blockage is completely cleared, clean the toilet and insert the snake gear once again into the pipe.

Enzyme Cleaner 

Enzyme-based cleaners aid in removing blockages in the toilets. These items are available at almost all the super stores. They are preferable to clear sinks, but they function well to drain toilets. 

You could also attempt the sewage system-specific enzyme disposal. Without harming the pipelines, they will decompose the garbage. But it is only preferable to use when there are small disposals such as toilet paper or organic waste.

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Now that you have clearly understood how to unclog a toilet fast, right? When no other technique will work, you can follow the above-given instructions to clear smartly the clogging in your bathroom.

You will get the most effective and user-friendly ways to clear a clogged toilet with this blog post. So, you can save the money that you will spend on calling a plumber or other cleaning services. Have you found your best idea for your bathroom? Do inform me in the feedback