How to Keep Shower Doors Clean

Do you have glass shower doors in your bathroom? If yes then you might be aware of how difficult it is to maintain them, right? They can easily get marks, stains, and soapy residue from glass. Also, they offer heavy water stains and extremely visible dirty surfaces.

You can only maintain the shine and elegance of your glass doors using a few products. Cleaning shower doors are simpler and easy if you do it frequently and follow the proper instructions. So, in this article I will discuss how to keep shower doors clean.

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Tools required To Keep Shower Doors Clean

Below are the tools that you will require for cleaning the shower doors:

  • Window squeegee
  • Spray bottle
  • Sponge
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Toothbrush
  • Microwave-safe bowl
  • Microwave


These are the materials that you will require while cleaning the shower doors: 

  • Water
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Ammonia
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Dishwasher rinsing agent
  • Windshield rain repellent
  • Dryer sheets

How can I clean the shower doors?

You can follow the methods given below to Keep Shower Doors Clean without additional effort and tools:

1. Vinegar Solution

The acid in the vinegar will aid in removing dirt and grime from glass and acrylic surfaces. In this way, it will provide them with a brilliant shine after the cleaning process.

Mixing The Vinegar Solution

In a microwave-safe container, you will add one cup of distilled white vinegar. After that, you will have to warm it for 30 to 45 seconds. Into a squeeze bottle, you have to drizzle a few droplets of cleaning liquid after adding the hot vinegar.

Spray The Solution

In the second step, you will have to spray the surface gently. You must spray the solution at the top of the bathroom door. After that, you will have to give the solution at least five minutes to settle and start working.

Scrub, Rinse, and Wipe The Solution 

In this step, you will use a cloth to cleanse the door. You will have to start cleaning the door at the base. After giving the doors a thorough water cleaning, dry them with a cotton towel.


Do not use a vinegar mixture around the sandstone shower or on the floors. The acid in the mixture could scratch the stone and cause long-term damage.

2. Lemon Juice  

Although lemons are not as corrosive as vinegar, they smell great. They can wipe the shower glass with little extra precautions and care. But if your shower ground is made of natural marble, you must avoid using lime juice. It is because the lemon can damage the floor.

Mix A Lemon Cleaning Solution 

Lemon juice is not very harsh as compared to vinegar. But it still has some cleaning potential. You will have to combine lemon juice and hot water in a container. It is suitable for milder cases of soap slime accumulation on the shower doors.

Apply The Solution, Scrub, and Dry 

Now you will pour the liquid on the top of the bathroom door. After waiting five minutes, you should clean the area with a cloth. There is no need to rinse. Using a microfiber towel, you can gloss and dry the doors.

3. Use of Ammonia  

Do you know that ammonia is a critical part of glass cleaning products and agents? Yes, it is! It is because the ammonia provides a streak-free gloss on the shower doors.

Mix the Ammonia Solution 

You will take one quart of hot water and add one teaspoon of common ammonia that is available at home. It should be combined in a squeeze bottle.

Spray and Dry the Solution 

After that, you will pour the hot ammonia solution on the doors. You must assure that the space is well-ventilated before applying the solution. After waiting five minutes, you can use a rag to clean the doors. With a cotton towel, dry the doors.

4. Magic Eraser

A Magic Eraser sponge’s special cleaning abilities will remove dirt and stain from objects. It will work without the use of cleaning solutions. 

You can use a moist Magic Cleaner to clean the inside of your bathroom to get rid of grime. Use any of the erasers after taking a shower if you know you will use them to wipe your shower. 

Your shower’s temperature and water will aid the Magic Eraser in removing soapy residue and grime.

Can I use Borax to Keep Shower Doors Clean?

Yes, you can use Borax to clean the shower doors. Just like the backing powder, Borax blends effectively into a solution to wipe your shower glass. 

To make the paste, you will require a sufficient amount of water. The paste should be applied to your glass using a wet sponge. After that, you will wash the area with filtered water and then dry it. In most retail shops, you can find borax in the washing area.

Tips to Keep Shower Doors Clean Longer 

Below are the tips to clean the shower doors longer:

  • After each use, you must wipe down the doors with a towel.
  • To avoid soap filth formation, you must use a regular cleaning solution.
  • To assist the water flow of the doors, you must use a windscreen rain protector on them. Never apply the repellant to the floor of a bathtub as it will make the place sticky and dangerous.
  • Install a water softener system in the living area if you reside in a region with hard water.
  • Use a fluid shower gel instead of bar soap if soap buildup is an issue. Bar soap’s components react strongly with ions of water.

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Glass shower panels and doors will give your bathroom a sleek and elegant look. But they can easily and quickly get stained if you do not clean them regularly. So that it is essential to know how to keep shower doors clean and spot-free. 

For spot- and streak-free clarity, you should look at the shower-appropriate cleaning options. Also, you will have to avoid the dirt to accumulate on the doors.

So, have you learned how you can keep your shower doors clean? Do share your comments with me!