How to Install a Deep Soaker Tub 2023

A deep soaker tub is more luxurious than a standard bathtub, as it is more profound and more prolonged so that you can enjoy a luxury bath. Many people have an ordinary bathtub in their bathrooms, but now they want to change it and install a soaker tub.

Installing a soaker tub is a straightforward process; you need to follow the steps and guidelines followed by a professional plumber. You don’t need to worry if you cannot contact or afford a good plumber because, in this article, we will tell you how to install a deep soaker tub in your bathroom.

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Installing a Deep Soaker Tub – Step by Step Guide

There are a few steps that you can follow to install a new deep soaker tub in your bathroom.

Turn Off the water supply

First, you need to turn off the water supply of your entire bathroom or turn it off from the initial point near the water tank. Many people skip this step and face difficulties while removing the old tub, or they can’t perform the process correctly, as the water can disturb them.

Remove the Old Bathtub

If you have an old bathtub and want to replace it with a deeper soaker tub, then you need to remove the old bathtub previously installed in your home. For this purpose, you need to use some instruments to gather all the necessary gadgets to help you remove the old bathtub.

Disconnect the Water Lines

Now you need to disconnect the water lines from the existing bathtub so that you can efficiently perform your work without facing any difficulty. For this purpose, you can use the screwdriver because you need to temporarily cut off the water supply until you install the new deeper and longer soaker bathtub.

Plumbing Access

Most homes have single plumbing access, so in these cases, you need to access the plumbing point that is next to the room. You maybe need to make a hole in the floor tiles to access the plumbing point.

Select a New Tub

Before selecting a new soaker tub for your bathroom, there is an important thing that you need to keep in your mind. Always choose the bathtub according to the exact size of your bathroom, as many people don’t measure the size of their bathroom and then order a larger size, which can cause a problem at the installation time.

This is especially important if you replace the tub with the old one.

Fit New Tub

Now you have to fit the soaker bathtub in the designated area and check the drain hole is fit according P-trap of the tub because many times when we buy a new tub, the P-trap and the drain hole are different, which can cause a problem while installing the new deep soaker tub.

Attach the Drain to the Tub

Now after fitting the tub where you want to fix it, connect the tub with the drain pipe and make sure that there is no leakage of water because it can cause a problem for you that damage the tub and bathroom as well.

Connect the Overflow Drain

The next step is connecting the overflow drain with the tub; you can use a screwdriver.

Securing the Tub and Surrounding

Now you need to secure the area around the tub, to prevent any leakage and moisture that is dangerous to your bathroom. Sometimes there is always a tiny flange vertical lip around the tub that can cause problems while taking a bath. You can also use the studs by placing a plastic or wooden sheet between the tub and the walls.

Connect Water Lines and Install Accessories

Once your deep soaker bathtub is fitted accurately, you need to connect it with the water lines and install the accessories in your tub, like the hand shower and other useful gadgets. After performing all these steps, you can turn on the water supply, but after 24 hours, so that the materials dry quickly.

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Is there any need for instruments to install the deep soaker tub?

Yes, it would help if you always had essential gadgets for removing the old tub and installing the new soaker tub, like a screwdriver and some other things that help you.

Are the soaker tubs luxurious?

Yes, the soaker tub is considered a luxury one, as it is more profound and longer than the normal one.

Do I need to hire a plumber to install the new tub?

Yes, it is better to hire a plumber for this purpose, but if you know little about this, you can easily install a tub by following these guidelines.


Installing a new deep soaker tub is not easy, but if you know and follow these guidelines, you can easily install the tub in your bathroom. You can also hire a professional plumber for this job if you don’t want to change it yourself.