Why Are Bathroom Vanities So Expensive? Everything You Need To Know

The vanity is one of the most important pieces of furniture in our bathroom. It carries our towels, tissue rolls, and all other cleaning products. But, Why Are Bathroom Vanities So Expensive? You have been asking this question frequently.

Quick Answer: Bathroom vanities are expensive because of their size, design, decoration, and the high-quality materials used to build them.

To learn profoundly about the topic, ensure you stay around till the end.

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What Makes Bathroom Vanities So Expensive?

It’s needless to say that our bathroom is one of the moistest places in our home. Thus, a vanity in a bathroom has to deal with a lot of water that could be in any form. Either the vanity gets water on it while you’re bathing or when you keep your towel damped in water on the cabinet.

In short, your vanity is usually exposed to water, and to handle it, All of the parts of the vanity are constructed with high-quality materials. For that reason, bathroom vanities are usually very expensive.

Vanity Parts and Materials Used In Making Them

Sink vanity units typically come with a sink, a countertop, and a cabinet underneath the countertop. To make it easier for you to understand why bathroom vanities are so expensive, we’re going to talk about each part it contains and the materials used to design that part.

1) Countertop

The countertop of the bathroom vanity is made up of quartz, granite, and marble, which are quite expensive materials. Aren’t they?

The reason why the countertop is designed with such high-quality material is that it is the thing that all of the other parts of the vanity are joined with. Therefore, the most expensive part of any vanity is the countertop, which is usually sold in square feet.

2) Cabinet

A cabinet in a vanity is used to carry all of your stuff. It’s usually made up of real wood or plywood, particleboard,melamine-faced chipboard (MFC), and medium-density fiberboard.

Since cabinets are usually exposed to water and humidity, they can’t be designed using low-quality materials. If you try to do so, then they won’t last so long.

Therefore, we recommend you do not compromise on the cabinet’s material quality.

A low-quality cabinet may have to be repaired soon, which will cost you more than you saved by using low-quality materials to make it.

Also, you’ll need to spend quite a bit on the cabinet installation again. So, the cabinet is another part of the vanity that contributes a lot to its high cost.

What Wood Should You Use To Make Your Vanity?

The real wood option is your ideal option for a long-lasting and robust bathroom vanity. Real wood may be an expensive option to opt for, but it provides an elegant appearance for your vanity and is a great investment.

Bathrooms are a place where we want them to have a stylish appearance. The vanity, in turn, is a crucial element in the design of your bathroom.

How Much Should a Bathroom Vanity Cost?

There isn’t a definitive cost for a vanity cabinet, but it can differ from unit to unit. Vanity cabinets conceal pipes and other lines with an under-counter sink, a top counter, and a cabinet.

Vanity units may include drawers and accessory holders, as well as a mirror and wooden cabinets above the sink. The cost of a vanity unit ranges from $1,001 to $3,001.

Many people prefer to either custom design their vanity or get it designed by experts. If you’re also willing to do the same, you’ll have to spend $100 to $26,000 depending on how much you’re ready to spend and what size of the vanity you want.

But, the bucks would definitely be worth it. This is because everything would be made according to your specifications.

If you’ve ordered a custom-built vanity, then get ready to pay the delivery charges as well. What about the installation process? For installing the vanity in your bathroom, you’ll need an expert who knows how to do it.

People often attempt to do it themselves and make their loss. So, a huge no from our side to you for trying to install the vanity all by yourself. Having an expert with you is essential.

Saving Money On Bathroom Vanities

If you don’t want to spend so much money on bathroom vanity and want to get it at an affordable price, then you can custom-build it by using an average-quality material. 

Or Go for A freestanding bathroom vanity that sits on its legs, offering extra storage space and a contemporary style with an affordable design. A wall-mounted vanity is hung on the wall, providing additional space underneath the cabinet. This can reduce the expense and will work well in the long run.

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Why are bathroom vanities so expensive?They’re expensive because of the high-quality materials used to build them. To reduce the cost of the vanity, we advise you to go with a freestanding bathroom vanity. It’s the cheapest bathroom vanity type.

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